Sebastian Stäter

PhD Student at University of Groningen

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About me

As a PhD candidate, I employ optical spectroscopy to investigate the fundamental characteristics of organic semiconductors, a material class that may revolutionize photovoltaics, illumination, and integrated electronics.

Beyond physics, I’m thrilled about practical and business implications of digitalization.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” - Alan Kay, Xerox PARC


🌈 Profound experience in Optics & Optical Spectroscopy
💻 Programming (Python) for experiment automation & data analysis
👨‍🔬 Research skills: Formulate research goals, design experiments, analyze and interpret data, discuss and present results


PhD student at Universities of Bayreuth and Groningen (2017 - now)
Employing spatially and time-resolved optical spectroscopy to Investigate the influence of aggregation on the optical and electronic properties of organic materials (see Research).

The project is designed as a double-degree, under supervision of Prof. Hildner and Prof. Hans-Werner Schmidt. Research is conducted at the Research Training Group 1640 in Bayreuth and the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials in Groningen.

M.Sc. in Physics at University of Bayreuth (2016)
Focus: Optics, Microscopy, Spectroscopy
Thesis on the structure-function relationship in the conjugated polymer P3HT

Semester abroad at Université Paris Diderot (2014)
Focus: Electronic and Photonic Quantum Devices, Biological Physics, Soft Matter

B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics at University of Bayreuth (2014)
Thesis on the optical characterization of aggregated conjugated polymers